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Like most engineers, I build and program things in my spare time. Most of what I design, create and program is classified...err proprietary...so this page will represent the things that are "public domain". That said, I tend to forget what I've built after a few months, so this page will act as an index of my creations! Another one of my passions is travel, click here to see some of my journeys and life experiences. When I'm not programming or travelling, I also enjoy playing early jazz, stride and ragtime piano. More information can be found on my Ragtime Piano music page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. **

1. URL Shortening Service
When I first bought the domain goto.pt, I wasn't sure what to do with it. It had a cool ring to it and was only a six letter domain...so I decided to write my own URL shortening service, a la tinyurl.com and goo.gl. It started off as a fun side-project initially, but there are now thousands of people relying on the service.

2. Live Earthquake Alerts
I wrote a script to parse a JSON/XML feed downloaded from the USGS with global recent earthquake data. Any earthquake that is magnitude 3.5 or greater in California is automatically posted to Twitter via their API. If you live in Cali, give it a follow - it might just let you know ahead of time that the big one is coming!

3. CHP Live Traffic Alerts
Similar to my earthquake bot, this is another script that parses live CHP traffic alerts from a feed and posts the data to Twitter via API. I also created bots for Orange County, Riverside County, San Francisco Metro and Sacramento County.

4. LAX Flight Radar
One of the things I got into when I received my first Raspberry Pi, was ADS-B flight tracking with an RTL-SDR dongle. For $20 I was able to get an endless amount of flight triangulation data from any aircraft near by. I also invested in a larger antenna to be able to pickup flight data from over 500 miles away. I then wrote a nifty PERL script that extrapolates that information and posts it to Twitter in real-time. Click here to view my most recent FlightAware flight tracking statistics.

5. Bitcoin Full Node
I run a full bitcoin (listening) node which helps assist in the validation of transactions and blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain. Full nodes also help the network by accepting transactions and blocks from other full nodes, validating those transactions and blocks, and then relaying them to further full nodes. They are needed to keep the decentralized blockchain running optimally.

6. Pliny the Younger
A bot that monitors live check-ins around the US and tweets when it finds someone drinking the ever elusive and exclusive triple IPA beer. I keep a running database of all check-ins here.

7. MLB Player Database
I wanted to create a clean way to search for MLB players and look at their season stats/photo, etc. Searching through MLB.com and/or ESPN.com was slow and unintuitive - so I created a faster and better way to do it.

8. Sunset Magnificence Calculator
Based on an algorithm I created, this will tell you the probabiltiy it is going to be a great sunset or not. Only have it hard-coded to Los Angeles for now.

9. Baseball Stats Lookup
I got tired of the time it too to find stats on baseball players through ESPN or various sport apps. So I made a super quick and easy way to look up any given player's stats. Want to instantly know the height and weight of Andre Ethier and what he batted in the regular season?

10. Bird and Nature Photography
As the title implies, pretty much an entire website devoted to any and every nature photograph I have taken in the world. You'll find photographs of birds and mammals from places like Antarctica and South America to China and Korea to the UK and Spain to Thailand and Japan.

11. Rare Bird Alerts
This tool data mines the eBird API for real-time information on any rare bird in North America. Want to see a map of all the latest rare birds found in Los Angeles County? I took this a step further by automatically posting super rare birds to Twitter via their API.

12. Dogtown BBS
I started a BBS (Bulletin Board System) when I was in Jr. High School back in 1991. Ultimately, that evolved into me starting an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in 1995. I provided 28.8k dial-up with unlimited PPP internet to subscribers, along with web hosting, co-location and dedicated T1 service. Over the years I lost interest in the BBS and eventually retired it sometime in 1999. I've since resurrected my BBS with Mystic BBS software running on one of my Raspberry Pis.

13. Banding Code Translator
If you're a birder, have you ever wondered what BTNW means? Or what the banding code for a Heermann's Gull is? Well this tool will figure out 4-letter and 6-letter banding codes for you - as well as do reverse lookups of the full species name. You can also go directly to images of a bird on my website by adding the banding code to the end of kiwifoto.com, ie: http://kiwifoto.com/glgu or http://kiwifoto.com/amcr - It is all completely dynamic with a 404 handler.

14. Message Boards
I got tired of how shoddy the Yahoo! Groups search functionality was. So I built my own index of various message boards and designed a more robust search interface around it. It also has pretty graphs to show what time of year birds are talked about the most. Curious to see when Scarlet Tanagers become a hot topic in LA County?

15. Music Archiver
For the last 7 years, I have been archiving music I listen to on iTunes/Spotify. I was curious to know what artists, albums, genres I was listening to at different points in my life. I stored everything in a searchable mysql database and created a few pre-defined date ranges to see exactly what I was listening to whilst I was on vacation in the UK or when I was in Hawaii.

16. 100 Octane Calculator
I suppose you could just do this with a calculator but I wanted to make it easy to figure out how much 100 Octane fuel you needed to mix with lower octane fuel to achieve an optimal combustion mixture for your car. Most high performance vehicles benefit from higher octane that isn't available in states like CA. For some reason, we can still purchase 100 Octane...you can then mix it with 91 Octane to achieve an optimal 93 octane mixture.

17. PFR Search Engine

No longer operational. This was a Pay-For-Rank (PFR) search engine that I built back in 2002. I aggregated search results from all the different PFR search engines (7Search, ABCSearch, etc.) and made a % of each click (click arbitrage). At the time, I owned hundreds of domains and would funnel traffic to the mini-directory pictured to the left. From there, it would feed search queries to the Kablum.com search engine.

In the beginning it was quite profitable. I had written a script that would monitor high page-rank domains that were expiring soon and buy them as soon as they lapsed. I would then redirect the traffic to my PFR search engine. An unexpected side result was selling expired domains back to their original owners for upwards of thousands of dollars. Eventually the Internet got smart and this no longer worked very well.

18. Internet Spy Buster
No longer operational. I designed this software with a friend back in 2001. It was a Windows program that would clear out your browser cache, cookies, saved forms, passwords and any registry keys storing incriminating evidence.

People just stopped buying the software over time due to all the free cache cleaners that became readily available over the years.

Some old website throwbacks!!

kiwi internet - 1996-2000

my old website - 1999-2001

apolo ohno fansite - 2002

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best of the web v1 - 2000

sara lozito real estate - 2001

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